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Pascal Brockly

Emerging from a musically enclined family : organ composer, violonist, saxophonist, guitarist, Pascal brockly was immerged in a musical universe with great variations from a young age. In his youth he was brought up by classical music, jazz, french rock, and new wave. He is appreciative of any and all types of music that moved him. Years later, he discovered electronic music, as well as machines (sampler, drum machine...)

This discovery drived him straight to composing. Having been trained in M.A.O by his friend Christoph Kardek, he devoted himself from then onto productions and live sets. Reserved but well adjusted, he automatically produces an intoxicating live set of warm sounds and colourful highs. His atmospheric waves supported by appropriated rythms, propels the dancefloor into an enchanting and magical universe of minimal dep house. In no time he found himself playing beside Tonio, Marco Bailley, Jack de Marseille, The Hacker, Dave Dk, Flo, Bonobo, Erik Rug, Chateauflight, Elisa Do Brasil, Antony, Electric Rescue, Jeff23...

He released his first Ep with Harmonik HK01 "Sun Go" in January 2007, record label of Flo, in collaboration with Mister Jo, renowed dj and an album with Beat Work Group.

Airwaves Ep

Up Side  Ep

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