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Ludvig Cimbrelius has been quietly developing a catalog of beautifully expressive electronic compositions for over 10 years. Currently residing in the woods of Höör, the Swedish native has been making an unprecedented impression with his modest delivery and heartfelt execution.


He released a debut Ep in 2010 on renown imprint Mule Electronic, bluring the boundaries between ethereal house and techno. He's working onto different other names like "Purl" an ambient project, and also "Kokong" (with Rasmus Alkestrand) which provide further insight into the spiritual depth of this character.


For him, "the process of creating music is a reflection of a communication between the physically focused part of me and the non-physical source of my existence – the source of all life, to which everyone has their own unique connection”.

Mana Ep

Navigating The Stars Ep

Alignment Lp

Alignment remixes part I

Alignment remixes part II

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