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Moy is the fruit of a beautiful meeting between Christoph Kardek and Ocean Gaya, founders of Lovezone Records and both lovers of deep, sacred and traditionnal vibes, with subtile electronic additions.


Christoph is into the house culture for more than ten years, first into dj-ing, he eventually came to composition, and released tracks under Fiat Lux records, Distance records, Atal records. Ocean Gaya feeds himself of house and electronic music since 1990. He started composing, after a few years travel, sailing round the world as he was a skipper.


Christoph Kardek and Ocean Gaya both grown up with loads of deep electronic sounds and black music wish to offer us a synthesis of their vision of the world, music and travels. Their precious dream is definitely an ultimate "overseas chill out vibe". Love is everywhere is a beautiful debut EP, where you will enjoy a peaceful, spiritual vibe, flirting with ancient traditionnal music.



Love Is Everywhere Ep

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