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Nikos Fragomanolakis (nikosf.) started getting involved with music (as a listener) at a young age. They said that he had the talent to play the tracks he listened, easily, in a small electronic piano. They told him "Do you wanna go to a piano school?". He was scared about the idea, so he decided to let go of this opportunity. He grew up having quality tastes in music. He was about 14 years old when he got in that "new electronic scene" of music.


He firstly discovered some artists and his love made him search a lot around electronic genres. He started buying vinyls & cd's and playing as a DJ in parties with his friends. As he was growing up, he had the curiosity to learn around sound production. He owned a PC, so he decided to start making his little piano pieces with a trance/house beat. As time was passing by he was reading articles about music technology & digital audio so it helped him to understand and learn some technical skills around sound production and mastering.


Nowadays, Nikos is studying Applied Informatics & Multimedia and has got his own equipment of software & hardware that helps him make music. His music is deep, ambient, minimal, mostly on minor chords. Since autumn of 2008, Nikos also organizes events at various bars-clubs around the island of Crete.

Temperament Ep

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