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Float & Vid Marjanovic



Purely from his passion for music and sounds in all forms, he started creating his own sounds and beats. At the time (around 2004) he discovered dynamic and vibrant psychedelic trance scene which captivated him and provided a source of inspiration and ideas for experiments with sound. As years went by he developed his production skills and started working harder on further upgrading when he started Float project, but also started moving into slower progressive house and techno realms. At this time Float's music is a melting pot of influences and follows the idea of artistic freedom of expression.


Vid Marjanovic is coming from Belgrade, Serbia His tracks are constantly played & charted by many artists, we will name the few: Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, Guy J, Marc Poppcke, Nikko.Z, Progress Inn, Stanisha, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Marcelo Vasami, Moonbeam, Ilias Katelanos, Perfect Stranger, Cid Inc, Darin Epsilon, Dale Middleton, Lonya, etc... So far Vid had a pleasure to play & share decks with artists like: Petar Dundov, Der Dritte Raum, Alan Fitzpatrick, Perfect Stranger, Moerbeck, Ness, Mary Velo, Par Grindvik, Mark Broom, Johannes Heil, Andromeda, Tomas Barfod, etc.

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