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New website


Welcome onto the brand new lovezone website, we wish it to you easy to surf on ! In this page you will find all recent updates about releases, infos and basically everything about the label life.

Lovezone Records is celebrating six years of existence now. The label was founded in 2008 by Christoph Kardek & Ocean Gaya, two passionated djs / producers. We mainly focus on deep, minimal, ambient, house tunes as well as tech house or fusion between world music and electronica. Check our releases in the catalogue...

April release

LZR063 Indian Spirit_Chris Di Amato_Cover_1400.jpg

Newcomer on Lovezone Records, Chris Di Amato has been a party organiser, Dj & passionate for the electronic culture.

After hard work and endless studio sessions on his own, he delivers his first single, a beautiful track halfway between organic and progressive house with a dance floor, ethnic & spiritual feeling. Join us in this powerful and magnificent journey.

Edited Image 2013-4-14-0:15:17

Release Date : 15 April 2022  Bandcamp exclusive   --   Worldwide  20 May 2022


August release

Ruben Rivadeneira cover.jpeg

Second and beautiful opus from argentinian producer Ruben Rivadeneira on Lovezone, Eterno Ep brings us to another journey of deep, wide vibes, with an unquantizing amount of emotions, left to your perception potential.


Both tracks out of Ruben’s singular poetry.

Edited Image 2013-4-14-0:15:17

Release Date : 5 august 2021  Bandcamp exclusive   --   Worldwide  27 Aug 2021


July release

LZR064_Cover HD.jpg

Today’s new release is produced by Lovezone’s pillar Ilias Katelanos. Early artist of the now established label, his last Ep Makoko is an energetic, positive fresh & groovy mixture of afro and melodic deep house flavors.


Power, dance and soul aboard for this wonderful release.

Edited Image 2013-4-14-0:15:17

Release Date : 2 July 2021  Bandcamp exclusive   --   Worldwide  23 Jul 2021


October release

Cover def-An-Introspective-Journey-V2.jp

Inviting the finest producers of the label for this compilation, Lovezone new release is a milestone for this historical year, taking the opportunity to propose a theme for introspection, so in in tune with these strange times.


The result is creative, deep, groovy and sensual, just as the label’s usual trademark.

Release Date : 2 Oct 2020  Bandcamp exclusive   --   Worldwide  6 Nov 2020


Asten playlisted on Tunnel FM by Di Costa