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Javed Yasin

Javed Yasin is a solo artist from the north of England who has a specialisation in deep and atmospheric sounds. Javed grew up in the family home surrounded by the sounds of Qawwali, an ancient Sufi devotional musical form - immensely spiritual music with themes of love, devotion and longing. Songs that begin gently and build to a high energy level. Able to induce hypnotic states in the musicicans and the audience. An apt template for a child with a curiosity for new music.

Coming of age in 80's and 90's Sheffield, Javed discovered electronica, particularly in local sounds such as Cabaret Voltaire. Warp Records on Division street provided an abundancy of bleep and bass techno records as that scene exploded into prominence. His musical journey meandered beyond Yorkshire to North America and mainland Europe via imprints such as Plus 8, Rising High, R&S and continues with an ear for innovative rhythms and new sounds.

Violet's Dream Ep

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