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Alexia Chrysomalli

Alexia Chrysomalli is from Thessaloniki, Greece and is currently based in Vienna. She started out with clarinet lessons as a child and switched to singing later on. She started singing professionally at the age of 19. She collaborated with modern Greek singers and composers.

The past couple of years she has worked on her own repertoire, writing songs and trying them out, mostly in Santorini, where she spent several summers and which she considers as her second home.

There she met 2 years ago Christoph Kardek, a beautiful collaboration followed, and Christoph recorded her singing. From this time came the Ultimate Calling Ep project, in which Alexia want to describe and tell that this might be our last chance as humans to hear this call and change, to take care of ourselves, the planet and each other. From this moment to the next, Be yourself and nothing else. Live widely on the edge. Between east and west… from the sky to the earth… from the center of your chest, set the world on fire !

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